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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Caspar - N5's Testimonial
Caspar - N5
Many thanks to Neill for teaching me in a very short time period of 20 lessons to a level where I passed first time with 2 minors. He was very understanding of the limited time I had due to university and knew exactly the approach needed. He provided a very useful LDC handbook so I could read up ...
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Heidi Hutchinson's Testimonial
Heidi Hutchinson
Would like to say a big thank you James for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass my test, I've really enjoyed having my lessons with you and always felt you were happy to help me and always making me feel comfortable when learning, I will miss having my lessons and seeing you all the time....
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Suree - NW3's Testimonial
Suree - NW3
I passed first time when I was 35 week pregnant with only 4 minors! I felt more and more clumsy and with slower reactions as I approached the end of my pregnancy! But Neill's confidence in me definitely helped, big time. It only took 14 hours of lessons in 3 weeks with him to meet the required hi...
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Luc Chignell's Testimonial
Luc Chignell
I've really enjoyed learning to drive with James; in fact the worst bit about passing my test is that I won't be able to carry on doing it anymore! He is always patient and reassuring and made me feel comfortable during lessons - I felt happy to ask him about anything I was having trouble with an...
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Debra - NW1's Testimonial
Debra - NW1
Many thanks to Neill for getting me to a standard to pass my test first time. I only had a very short time to do the test and managed to get a cancelation at very short notice. Neill was fantastic as an instructor but also he has my gratitude for fitting me in with enough practice lessons before ...
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Zeynep - NW3's Testimonial
Zeynep - NW3
Being a university student, I had a very tight schedule. I therefore opted in doing a one week intensive crash course with Neill. The combination of both the LDC working book/DVD plus the fantastic practical skills that Neill gave were excellent especially in the limited time I had to learn. With...
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Danielle Parkes's Testimonial
Danielle Parkes
I don't think I would be even driving now if it wasn't for James, he made me feel comfortable from day one. He's extremely patient due to taking me ages to get the hang of it in the beginning. I have found it not only achieving but it has been a fun experience and its only taken me four months wi...
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Roxanne Evans's Testimonial
Roxanne Evans
I was really worried about learning to drive but James put me at ease from day 1. He is really patient, even with my endless and repetitive questions, and always explained everything carefully. You get a LDC workbook and DVD with the course which is really helpful as you can see what you will be ...
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Veronica - W10's Testimonial
Veronica - W10
After failing 2 driving tests with 2 different driving schools and more than 65hrs of lessons, I became very depressed and was on the verge of giving up. I took a 3 month break from driving and whilst scouring the internet for solutions, i stumbled upon Neill's website and gave him a call straigh...
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Peter's Testimonial
Having first opted to do a crash course I decided to have lessons over a longer period of time. Despite my initial incompetence, Neill was very patient and progression was smooth and consistent, but also enjoyable. Scheduling lessons was very easy despite my studies. I would highly recommend Neil...
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Fernanda's Testimonial
I cannot recommend Neill and the LDC system highly enough. I just passed my test first time with 5 minors and really feel confident about being a safe London driver. The LDC system works by concentrating on the basics that make you a safe, steady driver. I've tried a few driving instructors ov...
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Eileih's Testimonial
Growing up I had no interest in cars or driving at all and so when it came to learning to drive even the basics weren't common knowledge to me! However, after learning with the LDC books and DVD, and the fantastic teaching from Neill, I managed to pass first time with only 2 minors! I really s...
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Danielle - NW11's Testimonial
Danielle - NW11
I never thought id see the day when i finally passed my driving test! At first i was apprehensive about starting to learn to drive but neills approch to teaching instantly made me feel at ease and learning a more enjoyable experience. Being relativley new to london neill always gave me the ...
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Hannah - N16's Testimonial
Hannah - N16
I cannot recommend Neill highly enough, especially if you are nervous about driving or have had a bad experience with a previous instructor. Following a series of lessons with the AA, I felt I had made little progress and driving seemed a nerve-wracking and daunting prospect. In my initial sessio...
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Jonus - N7's Testimonial
Jonus - N7
14 Hours - Driving Practice with Neill and I passed my Practical Test on the first attempt. Firstly I would like to thank Neill for helping me achieve my Driver's license. I have been driving in various countries such as India and Kuwait before I came here to the UK. As anyone would think once y...
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Ali - NW2's Testimonial
Ali - NW2
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Neill and the LDC course system. I did a semi-intensive course and have just passed my test on the first attempt after 36 hours of lessons. Neill is a great instructor; he is calm, patient, very competent and makes you feel at ease in the car. He is very go...
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Alec - NW6's Testimonial
Alec - NW6
As I had a bad experience trying to learn to drive several years ago I was apprehensive of my first lesson with Neill. However, he put me at ease straight away and driving quickly became fun. From the outset Neill assessed my needs and tailored the lessons accordingly. Each lesson had clear go...
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David Rivers's Testimonial
David Rivers
I first came to Steve after 2 years of not driving and was very anxious. After the first session it all came back and Steve's methods were extremely helpful to drivers like me who lack confidence. He will always tell you when you've done something wrong, but will do it in a way that that really m...
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Helen Balmer's Testimonial
Helen Balmer
I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough! I started driving with Steve after several years of not having the confidence to drive. At 17 I had several lessons with another instructor but my confidence was severely knocked. The instructor convinced me that driving was something I would never be abl...
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Luke - N5's Testimonial
Luke - N5
I would highly recommend neill to anyone that is learning too drive! After doing an assessment he recommended the LDC test booster course which was very effective and got me upto test standard very quickly. Before I started learning with Neill I didn't have much confidence, but after taking le...
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Chloe - London's Testimonial
Chloe - London
I did the Intensive crash course with Neill due to my work schedule making it difficult to do driving lessons in the past. Many people I told I was doing it were wary that intensive courses generally don't work as well as driving lessons spread out in a normal fashion. However having proved them ...
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Amy - NW6's Testimonial
Amy - NW6
I'm another one of Neill's students to pass first time. Having first chosen BSM as my driving school, I had two instructors, one who was more nervous than me and didn't push me at all, and another one who pushed me too far too soon, which put me off the car for a while. Six years later, I made a ...
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Hanna Sampson's Testimonial
Hanna Sampson
I have been learning to drive for over 2 years and had completed over 100 hours. I never really felt I was making much progress at the end. I was taking a 2 hour lesson every week but my confidence was getting low because I couldn't see any progress. I decided that an intensive course might bo...
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Roisin - NW10's Testimonial
Roisin - NW10
After wasting a lot of money on driving lessons with Red Driving school and not learning very much, I booked an intesnsive course of lessons with Neill who turned out to be a brilliant driving instructor who helped me pass first time. I would recomend him to anyone. He helped me learn so much in ...
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Sean - St Johns Wood's Testimonial
Sean - St Johns Wood
Upon scouring the internet looking for possible driving schools it became clear that there was a lot of choice however, when looking at LDC the manner of how they taught was superior, reading the pre lessoned material resulting to more actual driving time on the road. It was important to me to...
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