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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Janine Burton's Testimonial
Janine Burton
Well done to Janine on passing her test with just one fault.
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Keiron Murphy's Testimonial
Keiron Murphy
Well done Keiron on passing 1st time with 4 faults, ive never seen anyone so happy as when Keiron passed, he had a smile from ear to ear, well done and safe driving.
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Aran Wilkinson's Testimonial
Aran Wilkinson
Well done Aran on passing his test, this was Aran's second attempt, he was very unlucky on the first attempt, good luck and safe driving.
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James Crossley's Testimonial
James Crossley
Very well done to James who passed 1st time. James only got 3 faults on his test, great result, good luck.
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Geoff Dodson's Testimonial
Geoff Dodson
Well done to Geoff who passed 1st time with just 3 faults, Geoff was really nervous in the run up to his test , so i advised him to have a block of chocolate and some paracetemol half hour before his test, i asked if he had taken them he said yes but had been sick with nerves ten minutes later, m...
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Kirsty Carter's Testimonial
Kirsty Carter
A big well done to Kirsty who passed first time with 5 faults, Kirsty completed a 30 hr semi- intensive course using the workbook and DVD s, all the best Kirsty and safe driving.
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Aran Rudrakumar's Testimonial
Aran Rudrakumar
Well done to Aran Rudrakumar who passed with just one fault. Good luck to Aran who has to drive in London when he goes home from uni, Aran is looking to do his pass plus after the easter break.
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Adam Carmon's Testimonial
Adam Carmon
A big well done to Adam who passed 1st time with 4 faults, Adam completed a two week course using the LDC workbook and DVD s, Adam had never driven before and worked hard over the last two weeks to come up with a brilliant result, Adam is booking his pass plus to complete his training.
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Hannah's Testimonial
Well done to Hannah who passed 1st time with me with 5 faults.
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Paul's Testimonial
Well done to Paul Purcel who passed 1st time with just ONE fault, awesome drive, Paul paid me a lovely complement by saying I was a good patient instructor, you must have the patience of a saint to teach me, he said, I said all in a days work, I wish Paul all the best for the future.
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Kaitlyn Walsh's Testimonial
Kaitlyn Walsh
I would like to thank Franco so much for being a patient and kind instructor. Through his approach and good teaching methods I was able to pass my test First Time! Every time I get into the driving seat now I will always hear him saying 'mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!!' Thanks Franco for all your hel...
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Helen's Testimonial
Well done to Helen Roberts who passed 1st time with just 3 faults. Helen was cool under pressure, she worked hard over the past few months and thoroughly deserved her pass. Well done Helen.
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Avinash!'s Testimonial
Well done Avinash on passing your driving test with just a few minors.
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Richard's Testimonial
A big well done to Richard Duncan who passed 1st time with only two faults, Richard did a 30hr course over two weeks which certainly helped him learn quicker, he used the workbook and DVD s which helped him to understand the principles required, good luck to Richard.
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Constance Adjei Asaebere's Testimonial
Constance Adjei Asaebere
Using LDC's comprehensive lesson system was a great move to fit around my busy schedule. I am very grateful to my instructor, Franco, for his excellent tutelage! I can now drive.
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Michael Davies's Testimonial
Michael Davies
Michael passed his driving test 1st time at heysham with NO FAULTS, it is a brilliant achievement to get no faults, Michael worked hard and gave a confident drive, BRILLIANT !!!!
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Marc White's Testimonial
Marc White
Just completed a 6 day intensive course with Franco and took my driving test at the end of it and PASSED FIRST TIME!! I would highly recommend learning to drive with Franco and can only sing his praises. His approach and teaching methods are second to none. I've had driving lessons with other ins...
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Alex Triggs-Bloom's Testimonial
Alex Triggs-Bloom
Franco was a fantastic instructor for me. I would have described myself as a bit of a nervous driver initially, but with Franco's patience and encouragement, I was able to progress at a good pace and gain in confidence. I enjoyed all my lessons and I would thoroughly recommend Franco as an instru...
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Shaun's Testimonial
Well done to Shaun Maguire who passed with 5 faults.
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Gemma's Testimonial
Well done to Gemma Mcmurray who passed 1st time with 5 faults, Gemma took her kalms for a few days before her test and she thinks they helped cos she was cool as a cucumber on her test, Gemma says "Ken has been really good, and would recommend him if you want a patient, friendly instructor" thank...
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Rebecca's Testimonial
Well done to Rebecca Hope who passed 1st time with 4 faults, Becky worked hard over the last 6 weeks and combined with the LDC workbook and DVD got a brilliant result, she said "ken had been really patient and very thorough with his training and it had been good fun learning to drive with him" th...
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Katrina's Testimonial
A huge well done to Katrina Mcmurray who passed 1st time, Katrina was really nervous to start with, but her confidence has grown as we progressed through the course, we took it one step at a time which has paid dividends because she has passed 1st time and feels confident in her driving ability, ...
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Tony's Testimonial
Well done to Tony Bell who passed 1st time, Tony worked hard over the last month and deserved to pass 1st time.
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Emma's Testimonial
Congratulations to Emma Bond who passed first time with 4 faults, Emma was as cool as a cucumber on test day, she had no nerves whatsoever, well done !!
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Emma's Testimonial
Well done Emma Dickenson who passed first time, we had a bit of an emotional ride during our lessons, she was crying when i walked over to the car after her test , but thankfully they were tears of joy, happy days.
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