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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Mark Shields's Testimonial
Mark Shields
Huge thanks to Mark for helping me pass my test! Mark had bags of patience with my bad habits. He took a calm friendly approach, picked up on my weak points quickly, and taught me how to correct them over a few lessons. Mark's approach was very patient without being patronising, and he really...
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Nathan Sinclair's Testimonial
Nathan Sinclair
If it wasn't for Mark Sinclair and the LDC system I would still be walking everywhere in this cold icy weather! With a system with which I learnt everything I could about being a good and safe driver quickly. This was by not only physically doing the drills but also mentally understanding why ...
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Ben Booth's Testimonial
Ben Booth
Mark is great teacher, tailors lessons to suit your individual requirements and with a first time pass, you can't have any complaints!! Thanks again Mark.
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Ryan Knox's Testimonial
Ryan Knox
I highly recommend Alan. I enjoyed all of my lessons and was always learning to my pace with a great instructor. Ffelt welcome from the first lesson and it was always a good environment to learn in, and am now looking forward to many years of driving thanks to Alan.
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Gillian Miller's Testimonial
Gillian Miller
Learning to drive with Alan was a very positive experience. All lessons are forward planned to enhance development, Alan is approachable and no question is too silly to ask. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Alan, his calm and relaxed attitude can encourage even the most nervous per...
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Laura Dickson's Testimonial
Laura Dickson
Incredible driving experience with Alan. So friendly and encouraging from the get go. I was instantly made to feel very comfortable & confident in my driving. He taught me all the skills required to make me a good driver & enabled me to pass my test first time. Would recommend him 110 pe...
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Brian Corry's Testimonial
Brian Corry
Alan has a calm and reassuring manner during lessons that helps install confidence. His approach is structured and tailored to the individual strengths and weaknesses of the driver, allowing simple pointers, methods and techniques progress development at a steady and suitable rate. He always offe...
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Jeremy Bielecki's Testimonial
Jeremy Bielecki
Alan teaches to drive in a calm and friendly manner. He carefully plans each lesson to provide a smooth learning progression which shapes the skills needed in order to pass a test. He offers great feedback and advice on how to improve one's driving. He also does what's best for the pupil and thei...
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Aiden Thorburn's Testimonial
Aiden Thorburn
Just passed my driving test first time thanks to Alan. Great Instructor only needed 17 hrs of lessons. I would highly recommend him made me feel as ease and his teaching methods and encouragement led to a first time pass with only 5 minors. Thanks.
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Mark's Testimonial
Congratulations to Mark who passed with Paul at Brentwood. When I was a student five years ago, I had tried and failed twice to pass the driving test after a course of lessons with different instructors. Having had that experience of learning before I knew what I was looking for from an instruct...
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Toni's Testimonial
Congratulations to Toni who passed her test at Brentwood with only 2 minors! I can't begin to say how pleased I am to have passed my test. It's just starting to sink in ! I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul. He was patient and went over each aspect thoroughly, until I was confident I could d...
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Nathan Cornell's Testimonial
Nathan Cornell
Wow ! I can't believe I passed my test 1st time and on New Years Eve too! What a way to start 2015 ! Prior to booking lessons, I did a lot of research on the net, looking for a really good driving school. LDC looked great with the structured lesson plans, DVD and students study book to help my le...
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Sarah's Testimonial
Well done Sarah who passed with Paul at Brentwood with only 3 minors! I can't begin to say how pleased I am to have passed my test now. Previous tests had gone well, except I was struggling a bit with my manoeuvres. I contacted Paul after finding LDC on line. Paul came round to introduce hims...
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Levi's Testimonial
Well done to Levi who passed with Paul Fournaise on his first attempt at Brentwood with only 3 minors! I can't recommend the LDC system of coaching enough. The book and the DVD are fantastic, helping me prepare for each lesson, supported by a meaningful debrief after each session. Paul structu...
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Emma Davies's Testimonial
Emma Davies
Well done to Emma who passed FIRST TIME. You can buy your audi soft top now, lol good luck and safe driving.
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Kyle Bailey's Testimonial
Kyle Bailey
Well done to Kyle on passing FIRST TIME, nice drive, safe driving.
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Sarah Marie Wilki's Testimonial
Sarah Marie Wilki
Very well done to Sarah who passed FIRST TIME on 19th June 2015, the rescue remedy worked, got her favourite manoeuvre and it didn't rain, safe driving.
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Kieron Bell's Testimonial
Kieron Bell
Well done Kieron on passing FIRST TIME on the 16th June 2015, great drive, safe driving to Kendal and back lol.
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Adele Marie Burton's Testimonial
Adele Marie Burton
Congratulations to Adele on passing her driving test on 18th June 2015. Well done, she would have passed first time if she hadn't have been so speedy!!!!!, safe driving.
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Fiona Young's Testimonial
Fiona Young
Well done to Fiona on passing FIRST TIME on 19th May 2015 with just 3 driver faults, great drive, safe driving.
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Izabella Gers's Testimonial
Izabella Gers
Well done to Izabella on passing FIRST TIME on 22nd may 2014. She hugged the examiner, she hugged me, I guess you were happy !!!! great stuff safe driving.
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Natasha Price's Testimonial
Natasha Price
Massive well done to Natasha who passed FIRST TIME on 22nd April 2015. The rescue remedy worked ehh !!!!! good luck and safe driving.
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Kirsty Mozers's Testimonial
Kirsty Mozers
Well done Kirsty on passing FIRST TIME on 24th April 2015, brilliant drive and a well deserved pass. Safe driving.
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Jordan Birkill's Testimonial
Jordan Birkill
Well done to Jordan on passing FIRST TIME with ONE driver fault, awesome drive, good luck and stay safe.
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Yavuz's Testimonial
Happy times for Yavuz who passed FIRST TIME with a couple faults, well done and safe driving.
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