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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Karolina Bereznovskaja's Testimonial
Karolina Bereznovskaja
Thank you for being an excellent driving instructor :) Trevor is an excellent instructor with a very calm and patient approach when it comes to silly mistakes. He was always able to give structural feedback, lots of reassurance and always believed that I would become a confident driver that...
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Lucie Courtney's Testimonial
Lucie Courtney
Trevor is a brilliant teacher. Being recommended by my older brother (who passed first time with him), I felt I would do well as he made me feel both confident and comfortable behind the wheel. Trevor helped me to be in control and independent which is essential for driving. He simplified driv...
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Vaiva Bizyte's Testimonial
Vaiva Bizyte
It was an absolute pleasure to have such a great driving instructor as Trevor. He was always patient, understanding and with a great sense of humour. Step by step, lesson by lesson, and I obtain the knowledge, how to be a confident and, most importantly, safe driver. After each lesson, Trevor ide...
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David Bestley's Testimonial
David Bestley
I had never had the need to drive until I got a job, and then it soon became apparent that I needed to learn and do it asap. As a friend had recommended Trevor previously, I had his details in my phone and so gave him a call to see what could be arranged. During the one phone call Trevor provided...
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Alex Larson's Testimonial
Alex Larson
I first heard of Trevor through a family friend who passed first time. So after hearing that I thought he would be a good teacher and that the same would happen to me. Using Trevor and the Free LDC Driving Skills Workbook made life easier. He'll give you all the guidance to make you a good driver...
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Natasha Ward's Testimonial
Natasha Ward
Trevor is a one of a kind instructor, and I should know. I've had a few! To my surprise (and to be honest, the surprise of most of my friends and family) I passed first time after taking a semi-intensive course with Trevor having had multiple lessons and instructors in the past with little res...
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Oonah Somner's Testimonial
Oonah Somner
Only 30 hrs with the Intensive Course If you are reading this looking for the perfect instructor… then look no further, Trevor's your man! I passed first time with Trevor, I had a one week intensive course (no previous experience at all). Trevor is a great teacher and makes you feel at...
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Dr Bo Su's Testimonial
Dr Bo Su
Driving to me was always like a nightmare. Having had a major car accident and unsatisfactory experience with five driving instructors before Trevor, I felt that to put me behind the wheel was like to send me to Afghanistan to fight. But Trevor was a wizard, and I kept wondering how he could keep...
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Saujanya Gutala's Testimonial
Saujanya Gutala
Trevor is a friendly person. He has a lot of patience and good understanding of what a learner expects and imparts the needed driving technique in a simple way. The LDC system and the driving course methodology gives the right perspective and real time understanding of driving experience. I...
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Cheryl Gill's Testimonial
Cheryl Gill
Trevor was the best driving instructor I had (and I would know because I tried out AA, BSM and two other independent driving instructors!). He found the perfect balance between teaching and making lessons enjoyable, which I feel is a skill many other instructors lacked! Trevor showed me that h...
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Sara Robinson's Testimonial
Sara Robinson
Trevor is a first class driving instructor and a natural teacher. He understands the psychology of the learner driver and is therefore able to really address your specific needs and tailor each lesson to the individual. On a professional level, Trevor is calm, flexible and endlessly patient an...
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Charles Smart's Testimonial
Charles Smart
A very special thanks to Trevor. I was referred to Trevor by Kudzai, who had just passed her driving test first time with Trevor after 15 hour LDC Test Booster course. She told me how great and experienced he was and I took him on. I was over the moon when I passed my driving test first time a...
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Simon Parsons's Testimonial
Simon Parsons
I wasn't too bothered about learning to drive until my girlfriend and I bought a nice new car. I soon got fed up with being in the passenger seat, so I decided to take the plunge. Having reached the grand old age of 41 without a license, I was quite nervous about the challenge ahead. I decided on...
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Rumayna Khan's Testimonial
Rumayna Khan
Learning to drive was something I thought I could avoid for a long time as quite simply I didn't have the confidence at all to trust myself behind the wheel. That all changed after being introduced to Trevor from my brother who had just passed his test with Trevor's help. He made me feel at ease ...
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Ryan Livingstone's Testimonial
Ryan Livingstone
Learning to drive with Trevor a really good experience. He made things easy to understand therefore making the learning process much easier. There were a few times when I made some bad mistakes, but Trevor re-assured me and just told me how to correct it and how to avoid the mistake in the future...
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Raja Sawar's Testimonial
Raja Sawar
Thanks for going that little more than other driving instructors. Due to my own busy work timetable, you made yourself available at very short notice. Patient, professional and delivering a driving package which best suited my style of learning. The LDC Test Booster course you taught enabled m...
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Chris's Testimonial
I spent many years avoiding learning to drive, until a friend of mine mentioned she knew an Instructor at LDC called Martin. I gave him a call and before I knew it I was getting on with Lessons and Theory Test. I had a renewed enthusiasm learning to drive and found Martin very understanding. Less...
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Alex's Testimonial
I took a semi-intensive course with LDC. The course was great value for money and they provided me with DVD's and a workbook to track my progress which really helped. My instructor Martin Firth got me to test standard within a week, he was very patient and understood my learning ability from ...
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Gareth's Testimonial
I had already passed my test a year and a half ago but after letting my driving standards go I ended up with a ban of two years, Lesson learned I had to retake my Theory and an extended driving test which lasted over an hour, Martin showed me a different way of improving my driving skill some of ...
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Martha's Testimonial
With my first instructor I always felt very nervous behind the wheel. But that all changed when I chose to drive with Helen; She is a great instructor who is patient, motivating, calm and friendly. The workbook helped a lot too, with its structured lesson plans so I always knew what I had to prac...
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Maria Griss's Testimonial
Maria Griss
I really enjoyed my time with my LDC instructor, Helen. She didn't just teach me to how pass my test, but taught me how to become a safe and confident driver. My progress was always logged, so the both of us could see what was going well and what improvements I needed to make. I have now passed m...
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Carla F Bragg's Testimonial
Carla F Bragg
Studying the LDC syllabus with Helen has been incredibly rewarding. Having the ability to progress at my pace, with a structured workbook to refer to outside of the lesson has been so much help. Helen has been a true inspiration, her motivation and patience has been the driving force to my succes...
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Danny Milne's Testimonial
Danny Milne
I took a 30 hour intensive course with James using The LDC system and passed first time. James used great teaching points and used techniques to help me overcome any task. Many thanks James.
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Hannah Dewar's Testimonial
Hannah Dewar
I passed first time with LDC with a lot of great help from my instructor James. Thank you!
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Jemima Coleman - Chiddingstone's Testimonial
Jemima Coleman - Chiddingstone
Having taught her older sister last year Jemima's mum contacted me a few weeks before her birthday to book some lessons. As Jemima was at boarding school she had a few lessons with another instructor leading up to Xmas then booked a block of 20hrs over the holidays. She was one of the first pe...
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