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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

John Hanson's Testimonial
John Hanson
Des is a great instructor without his help and support I woudn't have had the confidence to take my test. You couldn't ask for a better teacher.
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Helen's Testimonial
Thanks for being a brilliant instructor. You were very patient with me and made things very comfortable. I would definitely pass your number on anyone would be in safe hands. Thanks again.
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Bethany's Testimonial
Thanks for making learning to drive so enjoyable. Being really patient and easy to talk too made learning really easy to pick up and understand. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to learn! Thanks again Des, take care.
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Nathaniel Thompson's Testimonial
Nathaniel Thompson
I was recommended to Des by my mother who passed 6 years ago. Just like my mother said on her testimony LISTEN TO THE MAN as he knows when you are ready. He wont waste your time and will get you through successfully, as I proudly passed first time with one minor. Thank you Des for getting me thro...
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's Testimonial

To all my future pass candidates. I have a few words of wisdom for you from someone who knows. DONT argue with this man, DONT stress when learning with this man, JUST take your time and listen to the man........ As he knows what he's talking about. I too was in a rush and couldnt wait to get m...
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Nathan Ward's Testimonial
Nathan Ward
Thanks for everything you are a brilliant instructor. Takes the job seriously as well as being able to have a laugh and a joke while learning. Thanks once again.
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William Dawson's Testimonial
William Dawson
Brilliant instructor thank you for everything. Really enjoyed learning with you. Thanks a lot .
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Frankie Williams's Testimonial
Frankie Williams
I would highly recommend Barry Tooze to anyone who is considering driving lessons. He teaches you in a calm professional manner and instructs not only driving skills in order to pass your test, but driving techniques to succeed in future independent driving. Being taught by Barry myself, I have e...
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Sarah Jones's Testimonial
Sarah Jones
Thank you so much! So happy to have passed first time with no minors. You're a great instructor and helped me through it all.
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Nicole Woodward's Testimonial
Nicole Woodward
Thank you so much, I really enjoyed learning to drive with you. Even when I was nervous you made me feel calm and in control. If anyone asks me for advice on who to learn with I will give them your name straight away. I learned so much in such a short time and I thank you for being so patient and...
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Clare Owen's Testimonial
Clare Owen
Thank you very much I'm so glad I passed first time with only a couple of minors. You have so much patience and always stay so calm during the lessons, thanks again.
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Scott Kemsey's Testimonial
Scott Kemsey
After 10 years and several failed tests I was very lucky to find Marion. I passed first time with one minor due to her patience and ability to put everything into perspective. Thank you.
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Lizi Gillham's Testimonial
Lizi Gillham
No one could have taught me to drive other than Marion,her patience, calm nature and incredible teaching allowed me to pass first time with just 4minors and I would recommend her over and over again. Many thanks.
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Adam Nasim's Testimonial
Adam Nasim
Marion is a great driving instructor with the ability to develop your driving quickly, I can't thank her enough. Thank you.
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Katherine Morley's Testimonial
Katherine Morley
Learning with Marion was so relaxed and she taught me not to view driving as a scary experience. When I was unsure about something she always spent time making sure I fully understood it. I looked forward to my lessons rather than dreading them as I did with previous instructors.
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Rob Day's Testimonial
Rob Day
Marion offers great teaching with clear instruction and the breakdown of the lessons is really good. The reference points on the manoeuvres really helped to master the tricky moves and I now feel confident in my own ability.
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Agata Sparasci's Testimonial
Agata Sparasci
Driving with Marion was an absolute pleasure. She was very friendly creating a great learning atmosphere where you just want to do well. Thank you Marion I never thought I would pass first time with just one minor.
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Nicola's Testimonial
Marion was always patient and understanding when I had trouble with my manoeuvres. I always enjoyed my lessons and would recommend her to everyone who wants to pass first time.
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Agata's Testimonial
Hill starts and clutch control have been a real challenge this lesson but thanks to Marion and her calm manner I have finally got the hang of it! Marion is probably the loveliest person to learn to drive with.
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Irena's Testimonial
Marion was a very good instructor who explained things to me in a way that made it much easier for me to understand. I was so pleased to pass first time, Thank you.
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Kerri's Testimonial
Marion was a very good and understanding driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to pass quickly but still become a safe confident driver.
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Dominic Selfe's Testimonial
Dominic Selfe
Marion is a great driving instructor, she worked around me and was quick to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses as I had had lessons before coming to Marion. I would recommend her to anyone!
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Sarah Whitworth's Testimonial
Sarah Whitworth
I am now a lot more confident at all my manoeuvres and a much more confident driver thanks to Marion. Her methods are simple and easy to remember... Thank you Marion!
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Shannen Smith's Testimonial
Shannen Smith
Driving with Marion at LDC was great, she's very patient and calm even if you make a massive error! Really fun lessons and it worked, passed first time with 3 minors! Yay!
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Katie Matthews - Swinnow's Testimonial
Katie Matthews - Swinnow
Paul Hawkshaw is one of the most positively influencing people I've ever had the pleasure to meet! Not only does he teach you to drive, but he does so in a way that gives you a lot of confidence behind the wheel. After failing twice with a previous instructor, Paul was quick to guide me back on c...
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