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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Shaun Taylor's Testimonial
Shaun Taylor
I passed my driving test first time with Dave. He was so easy to get a long with and made me feel at ease in the driving seat from day one. Everything we did he broke down and made sure I was comfortable with what I was doing before having a go at it. His flexibility was absolutely excellent as h...
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Sophie's Testimonial
I'm very happy I choose Gayle as my driving instructor. She always made me feel confident and always ensured that I was okay with doing things. We kept practising until we felt it was perfect! Best instructor. Thanks for all your help.
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Anna Nunn's Testimonial
Anna Nunn
Passed 1st time thanks to david, very patient and easy to learn with would recommend to anyone.
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Vicki's Testimonial
At first, I was nervous to drive but Gayle instantly put me at ease. She encouraged me in areas I was uncertain of and built my confidence every step of the way, never getting stressed or pushing me into things until I felt comfortable. Patient, fun to be around and a great laugh. I could not hav...
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Gintaras's Testimonial
I'm very glad I choose Gayle as my driving instructor. She was very patient with me through all the time I was learning and very friendly too. Anyone who would like to start driving get in contact with Gayle. You will not regret it. I passed first time.
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Katie Malon's Testimonial
Katie Malon
I started learning to drive with Dave and immediately felt at ease and comfortable in the car. Dave is very patient and calm which helped when I first started driving and also easy to get along with. The LDC workbook and DVD helped greatly when I was a learner driver, and if I am ever unsure of s...
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Katie's Testimonial
I had been doing driving lessons for 8 months and honestly did not think I would pass first time, but Gayle was so understanding and very patient. She always asked what I thought and what I needed to improve on and if it were not for that I would not have passed first time without her.
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Sophie Crisp's Testimonial
Sophie Crisp
Although I did not arrange my driving lessons myself I am very pleased that I did them with Dave. He is patient and calm even when you are aggravated at the situation you may have got yourself in (which I seemed to do on many occasions to begin with). He was always encouraging and reassuring when...
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Amy Betts's Testimonial
Amy Betts
David was such an amazing driving instructor and I couldn't have passed without him, especially first time! He went at a pace designed towards me and didn't mind going over anything I needed. He was always kind and patient, no matter how many times I messed up. I would recommend him to anyone who...
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Lauren Halls's Testimonial
Lauren Halls
Well what can I say? David is a brilliant guy and I have learnt a lot off him. He's very patient and always willing to explain everything, he's relaxed, calm and very friendly. I past first time with him and I would completely recommend him to anyone! Thank you!
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Chantelle Craske's Testimonial
Chantelle Craske
I have just passed my driving test first time with David Siggins. He was very patient and understanding and very easy to get along with. When i had my first driving lesson I was very nervous but David made me feel confident with being on the road. He explained everything clearly and would go o...
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Karri Woodall's Testimonial
Karri Woodall
I picked David Siggins from LDC as my driving instructor, I wasn't very confident when I started learning to drive but David kept very calm and helped me as much as he could, which made me much more confident. I got given a DVD with all the imformation about theory tests as well as practical test...
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Michael Eaton's Testimonial
Michael Eaton
I have just passed my test using the LDC system and my instructor David Siggins. I would like to express my gratitude to David who left nothing to be desired and was a top notch instructor. David was calm, punctual, flexible, patient, understanding, thorough, pleasant and above all got the right ...
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Terri Hadley's Testimonial
Terri Hadley
I have been trying to learn to drive for many years, and with all the help from Dave Siggins successfully passed first time. He explained everything clearly and to a level where you understand. It's the best thing I ever did learning to drive with Dave, the day before my test I was really nerv...
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Charlie Costello's Testimonial
Charlie Costello
I have just completed a semi-intensive driving course with David over a couple of months, I found David to be a very good instructor over the couple of months he has been teaching me, because he wouldn't just let me do a manoeuvre once, he made me keep on doing things until I did them perfectly. ...
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Richard Perry's Testimonial
Richard Perry
Having failed numerous tests over the years I chose Dave from LDC as my driving instructor. He managed to instill a level of confidence in me that I was lacking under previous instructors, and I can honestly say that at no time did I feel as though I would fail when it came to my test. The LDC...
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Jamie Blake's Testimonial
Jamie Blake
I had lessons with another school but I struggled with certain aspects of my driving but David was very patient and explained every thing very thoroughly. David guided me step by step through all aspects of driving in an easy manner. I found it very easy to get on with David and he helped me t...
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Tom Saunders's Testimonial
Tom Saunders
I got on brilliantly with David who runs the local LDC driving school. He is a fab instructor! I liked the way there was a pupil record form recording all my lessons and the way my instructor covered all my manoeuvres with a simple step by step way. He made them seem really easy. The atmosphere w...
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Sam's Testimonial
When Looking for a driving instructor I searched for hours until I found the LDC web site. I found the courses offered value for money, My instructor was David Siggins and from the first lesson with David I felt confident that with his tuition I could pass my test. The L.D.C. DVD and work book...
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Chris Cales's Testimonial
Chris Cales
I decided to go with LDC because it offered its courses at prices i liked compared to other driving schools. I took the semi-intensive course (30 hours) as i wanted to pass fairly quickly. From the very first lesson to the last i enjoyed every moment of it. I was taught by David Siggins, who was ...
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James's Testimonial
I started my driving with another instructor whom i could not get on with then i started with David Siggins LDC who i found to be very helpful and supportive, calm and understanding David would go over things as many times as needed never in a hurry i would recommend David to anyone considering s...
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George Damoulakis's Testimonial
George Damoulakis
Steve is a brilliant instructor; polite, friendly and clearly very experienced. Every lesson sees tangible improvements and he does his best to arrange lessons at convenient times and without ever pressuring you to buy more than you need. Importantly, he's very familiar with the Sevenoaks area an...
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Kirsty Coyne's Testimonial
Kirsty Coyne
Steve was reliable, flexible and had endless patience. Never did I feel pressured into booking unnecessary lessons, he was both honest and trustworthy. A very calm instructor, who gave clear and concise instructions, as well as, informative comments/observations. A great teacher and very friendly...
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Alex Hooper's Testimonial
Alex Hooper
Steve was an excellent instructor, he was reliable, always turning up on time, whilst also being flexible with his lesson times. The lessons were flexible, and tailored to my specific weaknesses. Steve explained everything clearly, making me comfortable and at ease, he also gave me advice on how ...
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Emily Moyle's Testimonial
Emily Moyle
Learning to drive with Steve has evolved me into a fairly calm, confident driver. I truly believe that without the friendly learning environment created by Steve, I would have been far too nervous to pass first time! I have already recommended Steve to a number of friends and family, so they can ...
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