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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Katherine's Testimonial
I passed my test first time with Joanne. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone. She is incredibly patient and really fun and easy to talk to, which is helpful when you are nervous about learning to drive or taking your test. Joanne is really professional and explains things in ways that are e...
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Stephanie McDonald's Testimonial
Stephanie McDonald
Can't believe I passed! Susan is so supportive and calms you down. I have now been with Susan a year and a half and she didn't give up on me. Looks for the positive in everything. Thank you so much Susan x
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Sara's Testimonial
Joanne's unique teaching methods were tailored to meet my needs and combined with the LDC workbook, gave me the ability to drive with confidence. Joanne has provided me with amazing support and encouragement throughout my driving journey and I couldn't have passed so easily (first time!) without ...
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Stephanie Couttie's Testimonial
Stephanie Couttie
Susan was helpful and supportive and gave me the confidence to pass.
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Matthew Rowe's Testimonial
Matthew Rowe
Joanne is an amazing instructor! With her help and the impressive LDC dvd amd workbook, I passed first time on my intensive course. Joanne was patient, supportive and friendly. Thanks for putting up with me!
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Lauren McLeod's Testimonial
Lauren McLeod
I am absolutely thrilled to have passed my test today. Susan has been a fantastic instructor, taking time and being patient with me. She explains everything thoroughly and allows you as a student to grow and learn at your own pace. Thank you very much Susan x
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Shauna's Testimonial
I'm thrilled that I passed my test first time today. I found Joanne to always be polite and professional. She is very friendly, jolly and my lessons were good fun. I think that the Learner Driver Centre way of learning is very good as I read the workbook between my lessons that Joanne set me each...
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Kavya Adiga's Testimonial
Kavya Adiga
I am delighted that I passed my test today and I am very thankful to Susan and 100% satisfied the way Susan taught me. She is very calm no matter how many mistakes you make and she corrects them without judgement or fuss. Susan gives attention to detail to the way we drive and all the manoeuvres....
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Maria's Testimonial
Joanne is a great insturctor. She is fun and very professional. I was really nervous when I had my first lesson but Joanne helped me to build my confidence up. Thanks to her I passed my driving test first time! I would recommend Joanne to everyone. I will miss my driving lessons with her each wee...
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Jordon Davidson's Testimonial
Jordon Davidson
I passed my test today. When I started with Susan I had some experience but a lot of bad habits. Susan improved my manoeuvres and corrected my bad habits and she was persistant to make sure I did it right. Susan is a great instructor overall and anyone who trains with her will pass. I passed firs...
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Rupert's Testimonial
Another great pass, congratulations Rupert on your first time pass at Bodmin test centre this afternoon, with just 1 minor driving fault. Very well done. Stay safe on the roads, keep in touch.
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Dave's Testimonial
Congratulations Dave, a great drive today at Bodmin test centre, a first time pass with only 2 minor faults, well done. Good luck with everything going on in the future, stay safe on the roads and keep in touch. Martin was a great instructor, patient and professional at all times and helped me...
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Linda's Testimonial
Congratulations Linda, on passing your driving test this morning at Bodmin Test Centre with only 6 minor faults. Well done, I'm really pleased for you and proud to have played a part. Told you you could do it! Stay safe and keep in touch. Many thanks Martin, feeling very chuffed with myself, o...
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's Testimonial

Thanks Martin for being such a great instructor. After being very nervous at the start you managed to help me progress and increase both my ability and confidence in my driving. I would undoubtedly recommend you to anyone who is planning on learning to drive. You made things feel very easy.
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Mike - Worcester's Testimonial
Mike - Worcester
Personally I never really wanted to learn to drive; it always seemed like an impossible skill to master, until I met Glyn. His passion for driving rubs off on you. I now enjoy driving and enjoyed learning thanks to Glyn's brilliant way of teaching. He's methodical, understanding, his tips are fan...
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Tyler's Testimonial
Congratulations Tyler, an excellent drive this morning at Bodmin Test Centre, a brilliant 1st time pass and only 1 minor driving fault. Really pleased for you. Stay safe on the roads and good luck with the new job!
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Lien - Rushock's Testimonial
Lien - Rushock
Glyn was calm and encouraging, and knew exactly what he was doing, which made me feel comfortable on the road. I was really impressed with his teaching, and have already recommended him to a number of people. Glyn's methodical teaching style has made me feel super confident when I drive on my own...
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Ross's Testimonial
Brilliant drive Ross, well done on passing the Driving Test this morning at Bodmin with only 1 minor fault, despite 2 manouevres! Really proud of you and have really enjoyed our lessons together. Good luck for the future, and keep in touch. Thanks Martin. Couldn't have done it without you. Tha...
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Anca - Bromsgrove's Testimonial
Anca - Bromsgrove
I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone as a driving instructor. He is a fantastic teacher with a lot of experience and helpful tips, a very supportive and patient man. Before my driving with Glyn, I took lessons with 2 instructors but I felt I was not getting anywhere because there was no progre...
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Blake's Testimonial
Great result today Blake, well done on passing your driving test in Bodmin this morning. I have enjoyed our lessons together. Keep safe on the roads in the future, good luck with the new job and keep in touch. Thanks Martin. Had lots of fun! You got me through in good time. explained and showe...
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Ben - Bromsgrove's Testimonial
Ben - Bromsgrove
A big thanks to Glyn for guiding me through my driving test. His calm yet fun personality made learning to drive a lot easier and really helped with my nerves. I thought I would never pass but Glyn got rid of the doubt and showed me I could conquer my nerves. Thank u Glyn, if any of my friends or...
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Dan's Testimonial
Congratulations Dan on passing with just 3 minor faults.
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Natalie's Testimonial
I would just like to say a big thank you Martin for helping me to pass my driving test first time in only 3 months! You were really supportive, professional, offered a lot of great advice and made me feel very relaxed in the car. The LDC system is a great way to learn as it is so simple and well ...
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John - Himbleton's Testimonial
John - Himbleton
Learning to drive with Glyn was undoubtedly a brilliant choice for learning to drive. Glyn would say that "yes we are in a little red fire truck, but we're not racing to a fire. Being a racy young lad Glyn taught me to slow down and yet going quicker, especially at roundabouts. Glyn never stop...
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Kate - Worcester's Testimonial
Kate - Worcester
Driving wasn't something that came quickly or easily to me, like a lot of people I know. Learning with Glyn gave me the confidence to take my test, and Glyn's patience and positive attitude stuck throughout until I finally passed! I found learning with Glyn easy and suited to what I needed to do....
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