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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Alex's Testimonial
I could not feel more gratitude to Dave, who made learning to drive an enjoyable, rather than a stressful experience. He always made me feel safe in the car and remained calm in every situation, even when I was a bit nervous or made silly mistakes. Dave does not pressure you, allowing you to take...
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Dave's Testimonial
Ian used a variety of skills and techniques which coupled with his experience enabled me to pass first time! Ian is a concise and expert driving instructor, which enables him to effectively pass his knowledge on in a way that suits everyone. Ian is relaxed and confident which transfers to his stu...
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Amita's Testimonial
First of all I am so so so so happy to be able to write a testimonial! And that is because I managed to pass my driving test, which would not have become a reality without Dave! With Dave not only do you get amazing driving lessons and guidance, you also get that element of fun and patience which...
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Danielle's Testimonial
I have managed to avoid the need to drive and have made up excuses for a long time through a lack of confidence and nervousness. Thanks to Ian who really supported me through building my self belief and managing my nerves. I was able to drive with confidence and control my nerves to get through t...
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Manish's Testimonial
Ian gave me all the skills and knowledge i needed to pass my test. He was always on time for the lessons and he conducted them in a professional and friendly manner. I came to Ian on a recommendation from a work colleague, and i would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
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Jake's Testimonial
Before starting my lessons with Dave, I had had lessons with three other instructors in different locations. I've always had a bit of a stigma about driving and it's something I didn't really enjoy. Dave instantly put me at ease, his calm attitude and positive outlook made me relax and enjoy my d...
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Ruth's Testimonial
I found the learning experience to be very positive. Ian was very flexible with his delivery of lessons, tailoring them to suit my needs. He was always very punctual to the lessons.
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Joe's Testimonial
Dave is an excellent driving instructor, he is extremely calm always. I felt safe and confident with him in the car, even when I went wrong he quickly and patiently told me how to fix the problem. Dave is also one of the most sociable people I know, always putting me at ease with his stories! Tha...
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Asha's Testimonial
My name is Asha and I passed my test on the 26th March 2015. I contacted Dave straight after I had passed my Theory Test. He was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I got told that he is a really good driving instructor and that his prices are reasonable. The first time I was going to meet ...
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Tracey's Testimonial
OMG!! Never in my life did I think I would ever learn to drive!! Let alone pass my test!! It was something that I didn't intend to do and didn't want to do until I had a child. When I decided it was time to learn, I scrolled the internet looking for someone to teach me and I came across Dave. At ...
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Brooke's Testimonial
I would highly recommend Dave, he is an amazing instructor that is friendly kind and approachable! I was recommended by a friend to go with Dave and it was by far the best decision, I am now a legal driver and that wouldn't be possible without dave and he's thorough teaching. I enjoyed every less...
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Kim's Testimonial
Right where should I begin... OMG! it's been a rocky ride and a draining experience (with another driving school), but I can look past all that and gladly say I DID IT in the end! I would like to say a big thank you to Dave for believing in me even when I failed to. There was never a time he made...
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Jade's Testimonial
I just want to say a huge great big thank you to Dave for getting me through my driving test with a first time pass and only 3 minors. Dave is very patient and is very clear when explaining new manoeuvres to make them as easy as possible. I felt very comfortable, safe and reassured throughout my ...
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Sarah's Testimonial
I highly recommend Dave as a driving instructor as he is a friendly, patient, genuine, kind, diligent and brilliant instructor who enabled me to pass my test first time with 3 minors in around 3 months!!! He is such a laugh and this combined with the calm atmosphere of his lessons helped me to fe...
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Chelsie's Testimonial
I started driving lesson with dave after being recommended by a friend who previously went with him and I am very glad she did recommend him too me as dave is a fantastic driving instructor! I started my lesson on my 17th birthday and I was so nervous to start driving, Dave made me feel so comfor...
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Rong's Testimonial
I passed my driving test with two minor faults and I would like to thank Dave for teaching me not just to pass the test but more importantly, to become a good driver! It has been a fantastic learning experience with Dave! He is so approachable, friendly, professional and very experienced! Not onl...
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Heinz's Testimonial
Having to learn a vital life skill that takes practice, perseverance, time, dedication and patience to name a few, for me always seemed like a daunting prospect when you have no experience behind the wheel. I finally decided to take the plunge and went for the intensive 1 week driving course thro...
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Katie Ost's Testimonial
Katie Ost
You don't realise what you're missing till you find it. I struggled through 4 driving companies before coming across George, and it was only then that I realised how badly I had been taught for 6 years! 5 months later, starting virtually from scratch, driving license in the bag! - thanks to Georg...
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Emanuele's Testimonial
A great instructor makes a good driver (the rest is up to you), and George Trap is outstanding. He understands his pupils very well and caters to their personality; he is a good judge of character and adapts his teaching accordingly. The main thing is that he pushes one step further but never mak...
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Graham Dunne's Testimonial
Graham Dunne
Thank you very much for getting me through my driving test at the first attempt, I came to driving quite late but from the first lesson you put me at ease with your relaxed, methodical and enjoyable teaching methods. I looked forward to every lesson and could feel I had made a marked improvement ...
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Rob Cullum's Testimonial
Rob Cullum
Just thought I would email to say thank you for all of you support and guidance in helping me pass my driving test first time on Friday 22nd Feb 2013. I'll be honest, at the start of my lessons I was very nervous and apprehensive, but your overwhelming enthusiasm and support saw me through the tr...
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Ed's Testimonial
I came to George having previously failed my driving test years ago and never having driven since. I wanted to get the monkey off my back quickly and George got me through my test with only 16 hours tuition. He encouraged me to have confidence in my own ability, made me feel calm and relaxed, and...
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Matt Falloon's Testimonial
Matt Falloon
George Trapp is everything a great driving instructor should be: Relaxed, good humoured and a brilliant teacher. His methodical and clear approach means you can feel yourself progressing every time you get into the car. He makes learning to drive stress free and fun. I looked forward to every ...
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Warren Bolton's Testimonial
Warren Bolton
I came to driving a little bit later in life and was apprehensive after putting it off for years. George instantly put me at ease - he was supportive, challenging and at times demanding, and we made it through! I can thoroughly recommend him for the journey.
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Lyle Wheeler's Testimonial
Lyle Wheeler
I just want to say a massive thank you for teaching me to drive and pass with NO driving faults, could not be happier. I had had lesson previously with a different company and instructor where I thought I would never pass but thank you George for making me pass with flying colours with your calm ...
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