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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Stephanie Chambers's Testimonial
Stephanie Chambers
Stephanie took a break from learning to drive to go to Uni, but came back in the summer to complete her driving lessons and passed her test first time with a very nice drive with only 3 minor faults.
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Emma Jones's Testimonial
Emma Jones
For someone who said they would never drive, to passing first time was the best thing ever! I could not have done that without Paul. He has been an amazing instructor, he was so patient with me and this allowed me to learn in my own time. Choosing LDC was a brilliant choice, after just lookin...
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Louis Jackson's Testimonial
Louis Jackson
I had been advised to use Paul from both friends and family both of whom had passed and are now accomplished drivers, and it is a decision I am glad I chose, as learning with Paul had been fantastic. His friendly personality helps ease any nerves and improved my confidence as a driver. The thrill...
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Emma Kesterton's Testimonial
Emma Kesterton
Paul has been a fantastic instructor. Having stopped and started lessons with different instructors in the past, it was really helpful to stick to the structure of his workbook to ensure everything got covered and every lesson achieved something. It let me read over topics before and after lesson...
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Mark Cantellow's Testimonial
Mark Cantellow
After being a passenger in a very serious accident many years ago, I was fearful of ever driving myself. As time went on I found not being able to drive was holding me back so started lessons to see if I could conquer my considerable fear. However, after trying two different driving instructors w...
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Lauren Brown's Testimonial
Lauren Brown
When I started learning to drive I was nervous, but Paul was very patient and although he allowed me to take my time so I was comfortable, he also encouraged me to push myself even when I didn't think I could do the manoeuvre or skill he was teaching yet, and I often surprised myself. I picked up...
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Angela White's Testimonial
Angela White
I was a bit nervous when I started learning to drive but I soon found that I had nothing to worry about. From the first lesson Paul was incredibly patient and kind, he made me feel really calm and confident about driving and I always felt 100% safe. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, he is a ...
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Sapan Giri's Testimonial
Sapan Giri
I had started with a well known national driving school, but was disappointed with the quality of the instructor assigned, thus looked for other options, and LDC, as it seemed, became the right choice. Paul is an excellent instructor and has a patience of a saint. Calmness around a new driver bri...
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Sally O'Prey's Testimonial
Sally O'Prey
I chose to learn with Paul after he was recommended to me by a number of people at my college who loved learning to drive with Paul. Paul had a very calm and collective approach when teaching me how to drive which made me feel less anxious and more relaxed when learning. Paul was always so pat...
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James Willer's Testimonial
James Willer
I carried out the Semi-intensive driving course with Paul as I wanted to pass in a short amount of time and ever since my first lesson I knew I have made the right choice of instructor. Paul made me feel at ease and relaxed from the very beginning and showed great patience. Every lesson was extre...
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Jordan Day's Testimonial
Jordan Day
Having taken multiple driving lessons with previous instructors for over a year, I was glad to have the opportunity to train with Paul. His methodical and effective teaching skills and proven knowledge took my skills and and driving ability to a new level. I would recommend the 15 Hour Intensive,...
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Nisha Jivram's Testimonial
Nisha Jivram
Paul has been an excellent instructor, who has taught me everything I need to know about driving. He has been very patient throughout my driving and his calm nature has helped me with my confidence on the road. The LDC system is well structured and is a great step by step guide. I will definitely...
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Annie Bliss's Testimonial
Annie Bliss
Learning to drive with Paul was a great experience as he was patient, flexible and made me feel at ease. I heard about him through a friend, and am very glad I went with their advice! I found the specially-tailored LDC workbook extremely useful throughout the course, particularly in the run-up to...
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Alex McGregor's Testimonial
Alex McGregor
I heard about Paul from a friend, who recommended him as a good instructor, having taught both her and her brother to learn to drive. I would definitely endorse that recommendation. I found Paul to be a first class instructor, being very thorough with the lessons and making sure I understood e...
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Bethany Morter's Testimonial
Bethany Morter
Learning to drive with Paul was a great decision, LDC had a great lesson structure and the workbook enabled me to read up on the following week's lessons to plan ahead. Paul was extremely patient and made me feel comfortable and at ease when I was learning to drive and this has now encouraged me ...
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Matthew Payne's Testimonial
Matthew Payne
Matthew was only 10 years old and used to wait for his Dad to come back from his driving lesson when I was teaching his Dad to drive 7 years ago. Now he has followed in his Father's footsteps and passed his test and is now able to travel to work on four wheels instead of two.
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David Ayerst's Testimonial
David Ayerst
From my first meeting with Paul, his calm approach made me instantly relaxed and safe. Before each lesson we would go through the lesson aims. Before progressing he made sure I was confident and was always willing to explain points further. You could track your progress with the driving skills wo...
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Helen Irwin's Testimonial
Helen Irwin
Throughout my learning experience I found Paul was a great driving instructor as he explained what I needed to do and how to do it. The work book helped me also, as it showed me what I would be doing in my next lesson, then I could review each lesson and monitor my progress. By the time of my dri...
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Megan Holmes's Testimonial
Megan Holmes
A friend recommended Paul to me after her and a few of her friends had used him and all managed to pass first time! I had a great driving experience with Paul and he made sure that we practiced every lesson objective until it was spot on. By the time my test date came round I felt confident that ...
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Arthur Hill's Testimonial
Arthur Hill
Paul was recommended to me by a friend who said his calm and level headed manner was hugely beneficial in learning to drive. This was certainly true and Paul as an instructor goes a long way to helping you feel comfortable and remaining composed whilst driving. The clear structure of the lessons ...
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Rob Usher's Testimonial
Rob Usher
Paul was recommended to me by several of my colleagues. I had had a few lessons previously with a separate instructor, however I needed to start from scratch after an illness had stopped me from learning to drive for a number of months. Through weekly lessons Paul took me back to the basics of dr...
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Lauren Bell's Testimonial
Lauren Bell
I chose a semi intensive course with Paul, as I was very keen on passing as quickly as I could yet at a comfortable pace. I started my lessons knowing very little about driving, but with the help and support from both Paul, and the DVD/Workbook, my confidence and skills developed every lesson. As...
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Brandon Willis's Testimonial
Brandon Willis
Brandon is a very keen footballer who plays for his local town football club and was very keen to learn to drive to enable him to get to training and matches as well as to and from college. He passed his theory test, then just before he was able to book his practical test, he got a football injur...
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Lucy Roberts's Testimonial
Lucy Roberts
Paul had been recommended to me by some of his previous pupils, and like them, I passed first time! He was very generous with his time and made sure you were confident with one thing before moving onto the next. The LDC driving skills workbook was very useful and enabled me to read through the fo...
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Joe Carey's Testimonial
Joe Carey
I was so keen to pass as soon as possible, to beat my sister and to be independent. Driving has been the best thing about my life so far, and I hope to enjoy many years ahead. I have felt that Paul has been a fantastic instructor. He has all the time in the world for you and is happy to quash any...
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