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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

San Patel's Testimonial
San Patel
Having passed my driving test first time with 2 faults it is fair to say that michael is an excellent driving instructor who covers every possible element of driving during his lessons. since my first lesson with michael until my very last, i gained immensely from his experience and patience as a...
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Zoe's Testimonial
Learning with Colin has improved my confidence and skill on the road massively. The steps were manageable and I progressed at a positive rate. The lessons were fun and adaptive to my needs. Would definitely recommend to other learners!
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Jake Samuel's Testimonial
Jake Samuel
I would highly recommend Colin Broad as a driving instructor. He helped me pass both my theory and practical test first time and he has a very easy going nature that enables you to feel comfortable whilst driving. Thank you Colin!!
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Stacey's Testimonial
I chose LDC because of the structure of lessons, and he saw when I was progressing he changed the lesson to suit me. Colin is a very good teacher and helped with different ways to get something. Would def recommend him to friends and family. Happy with 1st time pass.
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Zoe's Testimonial
I have enjoyed my 7 weeks of driving with Colin and LDC. He has been lighthearted and had a good laugh. The experience of Salisbury and Chippenham was challenging but good practice. He was supportive when I did things good and correct and was encouraging when things didn't go correct or to plan. ...
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James Murphy's Testimonial
James Murphy
Couldn't recommend him enough as a driving instructor, not only does he teach you the skills to drive safely and pass your test first time, he is also good at judging how you are coping with the mental side of driving, which are the nerves and mistakes you will make. This means he is a very good ...
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Hollie Medcraft's Testimonial
Hollie Medcraft
Mike is a great instructor, he does not just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you to drive well and safely. He is reliable, patient and knowledgeable. Mike is great for nervous beginners (like I was) because he is always so calm and he really gives you confidence that you can do it. I can't...
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Ibrahim Gonjobe's Testimonial
Ibrahim Gonjobe
Mike has been a perfect driving instructor for me, he likes teaching to perfection which made me perfect to pass my test. he explains and demonstrates all you need to know about driving throught the lessons which makes it easier to learn and improve your driving skills. I am recommending any new ...
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Luke Krisiulevicius's Testimonial
Luke Krisiulevicius
Mike is a very patient instructor and is very thorough when explaining things. I had bad habits I needed to break and with Mikes help we did this. Very professional and easy to build a rapport with. I only passed my second time but would certainly recommend him to other wanting to learn to drive....
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Mark Perryman's Testimonial
Mark Perryman
I wanted to pass quickly, so took 30hrs of lessons spread over a couple of weeks. Mike was incredibly professional and supportive, correcting the small things that could fail a test. He knows what he is talking about, and is full of helpful advice and useful anecdotes. Although the first test did...
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Hannah Durham 's Testimonial
Hannah Durham
Mike is a very patient and thorough driving instructor, and leaves nothing to chance for the day of the test. I'd recommendhim especially for nervous drivers. Thanks Hannah
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Ameet Keskar's Testimonial
Ameet Keskar
Mike teaches you more than just driving during the lessons. The right temperament, observations and most important the attitude or approach towards driving. I had previous experience of driving from other countries, but driving in UK was a different challenge which included the rules, regulations...
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Ashand Mitra's Testimonial
Ashand Mitra
Mike is all you need in a driving instructor; professional, to-the-point and honest. He'll instruct you on how to be a safe and competent driver, rather than focusing on passing the test. I had a number of bad habits, which we were able to break (to an extent!) using his approach. As far as I'm c...
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John Docherty 's Testimonial
John Docherty
I would like to thank mike for his expert tuition and getting me to the safe standard of driving required to pass the test. He has an excellent approach to teaching people to drive which is essential as everybody is different. I have had a small amount of driving experience before i started learn...
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Roohallah's Testimonial
I would like to thank Mike for his invaluable assistance teaching me and assisting me through my driving exam. Not only did he have to teach me to drive, but also all the rules and highway code for the United Kingdom and it's driving tests as the Uk is not my first home and i have not been brough...
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Louise Taylor's Testimonial
Louise Taylor
I believe the key to passing your test is to find the right instructor. Mike is your man! After 5 instructors I finally passed my test with Mike. Mike has a great way of teaching; he is definitely the best instructor I have had. He was so patient with me and kept me calm in every situation. He ma...
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Clive Kirk's Testimonial
Clive Kirk
I started out on my lessons not wanting to drive but having to in order to get on with life, I had many fears and was over cautious. Mike learnt how I tick quite fast and with that if he pushed me too far he changed it up and everything flowed, I never thought as if I didn't learn anything. Mikes...
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Tony Smith's Testimonial
Tony Smith
I think the fact that I only got 2 faults says an awful lot about the way Mike teaches. He is very thorough and covers every aspect of driving leaving nothing to chance. I used the LDC Semi-Intensive course (30 hours) but spread it over a few weeks as I didn't want it too intensive. Having a stru...
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Jen's Testimonial
I came to Colin as I wanted more experience driving after I passed my driving test. Colin is a friendly and easy person to get on with and has a cracking sense of humour! He explains things in a simple manner. The LD system was easy to follow and helped to gain my confidence. I am now more con...
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Andi Surga's Testimonial
Andi Surga
After years of driving, I wasn't so sure that I could pass my retest as some habit had been developed. As some say bad habits die hard, after few lessons I know that Mike is patient and really constructive in the lessons rather than being criticising about my driving. The way mock test conduct...
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Ross Knight's Testimonial
Ross Knight
I would like to thank Mike for getting me through my test at the first time with only 8 hours practice. I had taken one of those intensive courses up in Blackpool, I wouldn't recommend them. However the LDC method of driving made things really clear. Reading 'The Driving Skills Workbook really he...
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Grace McPheators's Testimonial
Grace McPheators
I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to learn to drive. Mike is a brilliant driving instructor! I previously had two other instructors, which were very poor quality now that I compare them to Mikes teaching. He is committed to teaching learners to be safe competent drivers, he goes the ext...
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Velma Bonner's Testimonial
Velma Bonner
Many thanks Mike for getting me through my driving test. I am sure that there were times when I've tested you to the limit, but your patience and sense of humour made it a pleasure to be taught by you. And you always knew how to get me to focus on my driving when I had other things on my mind. I ...
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Debbie Southwell's Testimonial
Debbie Southwell
Now that it has had a little time to sink in I wanted to say a hugh thankyou for getting me through my test. I maintain it was dpwn to the circumstances that allowed me to pass, but you are right when you say that I must have the driving skills, and I'm sure the confidence will come in time. I...
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Barry Masson's Testimonial
Barry Masson
Dear mike, just a massive thank you for getting me through to a first time pass, its been a real pleasure, you are a fantastic instructor, giving encouragement when needed and knowing when my brain had reached its daily capacity. i thought i was going to be your nemesis, with a vision of me doing...
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