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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Ayanna Mathurine's Testimonial
Ayanna Mathurine
A very big thank you to Kevin who helped me pass my test today with only one minor. Kevin is an excellent driving instructor and I always looked forward to my lessons with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident as they learn to drive. I th...
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Joe Fettah's Testimonial
Joe Fettah
A big thank you to Kevin for coaching me and showing me how to drive to pass my driving test. As an instructor he was so patient, polite, professional and always had time to explain what ever needed to be explained. The LDC system was also a massive teaching tool to use and also the you tube vide...
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Ben's Testimonial
Kevin is extraordinary at his job. he went out of his way to make me feel confident and comfortable in his car. I would highly recommend him and the LD system to anyone. Many thanks Kevin.
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James R Reeves's Testimonial
James R Reeves
Having been put off by a driving instructor when I was 17, learning with Kevin was a breath of fresh air. He is extremely friendly, calm, patient and accommodating of my needs. He builds the lessons around you rather than dictating what is going to happen and gave me the self confidence that I ne...
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Nathan Hocking 's Testimonial
Nathan Hocking
I just want to say a huge thank you to Kev for having such patience to help me pass my test 1st time and with no minors as well. I also would like to say how much the LD system helped me to prepare for my lessons and understand what is expected to pass the test, all this with Kev's personality an...
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Parris's Testimonial
Been having lessons with Terry for the past couple of months. On my third time, finally I passed! Terry is an amazing instructor, he is funny and easy to get on with. He has supported me throughout the whole thing! I will always recommend him to new drivers as he's defiantly the best instructor a...
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Amie's Testimonial
Well done Amie on passing your test at Winchester. I would like to add that Amie came to me from a fellow LDC instructor Mike Farrell who is off sick. Amie needed to continue her training, I was able to squeeze her into my diary. Amie, It was a pleasure to help you finish your training and gain y...
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Marina's Testimonial
All I can say it was a pleasure to help you out and continue your training after it didn't work out with your AA instructor. Well done on your 1st time pass at Southampton. Good luck in the future and stay safe.
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Hannah's Testimonial
Congratulations Hannah, you got there in the end and with a 1st time pass in Winchester. Well done for you effort and hard work. Stay safe and good luck in the future.
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Lee's Testimonial
What can I say? good effort and enthusiasm in your training using the LD System. You may have waited till now to gain your driving licence, The 10 or so years driving heavy plant equipment helped you with all the aspects of on road driving. Your work will now finally give you a van to drive. Well...
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Clarissa's Testimonial
Well Done Clarissa, First time pass at Forest Hill. It was great to assist you in your pass and a pleasure to teach. Good luck in the future. Those many hours private practice with your partner massively.
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Richard's Testimonial
Well done Richard on passing your test at Forest Hill Test Centre. good luck in the future and safe driving.
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Lewis Airey's Testimonial
Lewis Airey
I've been having lessons with Terry for a few months and I would recommend him to anyone, very friendly and easy to get along with. His lessons are easy to understand and each lesson has it's purpose and helps with your driving. Would like to thank terry for his lessons and his help in helping me...
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Margaret Dee's Testimonial
Margaret Dee
Well done Margaret on passing your test, you put loads of effort in which resulting in completing your goal. Good luck in the future.
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Emily's Testimonial
Emily you got through on you 2nd attempt so a big well done. All that work and effort finally rewarded you with a Pass. Enjoy your new freedom and stay safe.
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Dominika's Testimonial
I was taking lessons with Terry for about a month and a half and I've only passed my test today with 6 minors! Terry is an amazing instructor, he is funny and explains everything very well! I thank him so much and I will definitely recommend him to everyone!Once again, Thank you Terry!
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Carmel's Testimonial
Well Done Carmel on passing your test on the 5th January 2015 with 3 minors, good luck in the future.
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's Testimonial

Before I met Terry I was learning to drive with another instructor, who wasn't fulfilling my needs as a learner. Being with Terry has made me so much happier and confident as a driver. I wouldn't have passed my test at all without him. He is funny and kind and makes the lessons enjoyable. Terry i...
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Adam's Testimonial
Well done Adam on passing your test with 1 minor fault. It was a was a fantastic drive, good luck in the future.
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Damon's Testimonial
Well done on passing your test with 6 minors on your 1st attempt!!
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Katie's Testimonial
Well done Katie on passing your test.
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Zach's Testimonial
Well done Zach on passing your practical Test with only 2 minors.
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Brandon Cooper's Testimonial
Brandon Cooper
Adam from LDC is a fantastic driving instructor, who is very personable & easy to get along with. He can adapt his teaching style to fit anyone. It has been a pleasure to pass with Adam!
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Lewis Hampton's Testimonial
Lewis Hampton
Adam was a really good instructor, helping me to pass first time in both my theory test and practical driving test, with a useful theory section available on his website as well. Great instructor!
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Riannah DeSilva's Testimonial
Riannah DeSilva
I passed first time with Adam, and enjoyed all my lessons! He uses great techniques to help remember things and makes you feel relaxed when driving. I'd recommend him to anyone!
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