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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Michaela Jansen van Rensburg's Testimonial
Michaela Jansen van Rensburg
Adam is a dedicated & patient instructor who teaches the way it suits you. Adam's teachings increased my confidence in driving. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you!
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Kieran Smith's Testimonial
Kieran Smith
I passed first time after an Intensive Course with Adam. He is a great instructor who is very down to earth & easy to get along with, creating a very comfortable learning environment. He puts a lot of trust in you from day one, putting you straight in the driving seat & making you feel a...
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Simon Cork's Testimonial
Simon Cork
I passed my driving test first time with only two minors with Adam Clark, using the LD System. I felt confident & safe in every lesson & was really impressed with his professional approach. His teaching is brilliant. At the end of every lesson I really felt I'd learnt a lot and I felt ...
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Alanah Norris's Testimonial
Alanah Norris
I passed 1st time with Adam's knowledge & help! He was always on time, & understood that learning to drive isn't as easy as it looks. I will carry on recommending him to every learner I know.
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Rebecca Stratfull's Testimonial
Rebecca Stratfull
I am so grateful for the fact you jumped in at such short notice to take me before my test! You are by far the most explanatory instructor & you explain things in a way that is understandable & easy to remember! I will recommend you to everyone!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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Connor Jones's Testimonial
Connor Jones
As someone who put off driving due to a busy schedule, Adam was able to plan my lessons accordingly using the LDC method. Lessons with Adam were both engaging & fun. I also found that I was able to see my development every lesson, & my road awareness was greatly improved. Adam is a cal...
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Liam Morris Schmidt's Testimonial
Liam Morris Schmidt
I was nervous about learning to drive, & was looking around for someone who might be easy to work with. Adam was the first person I tried & I didn't have to look any further. He made it all seem simple, using a "common sense" approach to learning. I felt that we moved forward at a pace th...
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Fatima Trawally's Testimonial
Fatima Trawally
George Koroma is an amazing driving instructor. He is the best instructor I've known n will sincerely recommend him to anyone. He is very patient with his students and he is not a time waster. He was always on time and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed whenever I was driving which made it...
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Ousamma Khalil's Testimonial
Ousamma Khalil
George is very patient and friendly, he's caring and always on time for lessons. He also helped me pass my test with confidence so if you're looking to pass your test and drive safely then George is the man for the job.
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David Ochola's Testimonial
David Ochola
George is a patient, helpful and friendly instructor. His support and encouragement have helped me to improve my skills and has seen me through my driving test. It has been an enjoyable experience driving with George. I recommend him to all who wish to drive. I thank God for passing my test and f...
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Abel's Testimonial
I am very happy, I choose George to be my driving instructor. He is calm and very patient. I passed first time with George. Brilliant instructor with clear understanding. I will recommend him to anyone. Thanks George.
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Josh's Testimonial
Learning to drive has always been a big problem for me and I have taken every single route I could. I had really slow progress and I was never satisfied so I kept changing instructors. (I even did fast track tuition at some point) and after 3 more attempts at instructors I finally met George. He ...
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Aanchal's Testimonial
I had lessons in the past where I was not finding confident to drive. Then I shifted to LDC midway pass course and I got George as my instructor and I could not have been happier more. He had patience and skills to give me that confidence and building up driving skills. He is an excellent tutor a...
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Passed 1st time's Testimonial
Passed 1st time
Jim is a fabulous instructor who makes even the hardest parts of driving seem easy whilst always keeping a calm and friendly manner. He gets 5 stars from me and I would highly recommend him if you are thinking of taking lessons!
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Chris Grandy's Testimonial
Chris Grandy
I tried previous instructors before Jim and found him to be very reliable and quite flexible. He had different ways of explaining things when I did'nt understand and was very easy to get on with.
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Kirsten Stewart's Testimonial
Kirsten Stewart
I passed first time with Jim and his great advice! A brillaint instructor who allows you to learn at your own pace and guides you to success 5 stars.
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Nicola Roberston's Testimonial
Nicola Roberston
Jim is a very friendly and proffessional instructor. He was really helpful and supportive and encouraging. I would recommend him to my friends.
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Stuart Bell's Testimonial
Stuart Bell
If your looking for an excellent and calm instructor who makes the h...ardest parts of driving seem easy then Jim is ur man! I found driving incredibly difficult and had failed several times with other instructors but I past in a very short period of time with Jim due to his excellent work. Go fo...
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Liam Parker's Testimonial
Liam Parker
I needed to pass my test for my work and Jim got me through my test first time. He made everyting easy to understand and was very paitent. I would recommend Jim.
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Robert's Testimonial
Thanks to Trev, I passed my driving test after many years of lessons, I had the test booster course and only 12 hours with him and I passed.
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Ash's Testimonial
I passed my practical driving test after 20 hours of lessons in 1 week with Trevor, he is a very dedicated, punctual, knowledgeable, attentive, professional, constructive and progressive instructor, and i would never have passed if it wasn't for his tuition... thank you Trevor!! :--)
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Jen's Testimonial
Having experienced other driving instructors, I decided to give Rob Hockey ago. I found him informative, professional and patient and I always looked forward to my lessons. I also loved learning using the LD system. I found the targets at the end of each lesson particularly helpful, as I could se...
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Eliza's Testimonial
Brilliant instructor. Really enjoyed my lessons, made me feel relaxed from the first lesson. Thank you Rob for all your help.
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Kai's Testimonial
10/10 stars for Rob Hockey. He is patient, friendly, very thorough and an all round nice guy, whom I would recommend to new comers or experienced drivers without hesitation. Many thanks.
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Phil's Testimonial
Rob is calm and patient and makes you feel ready and confident with great advice and guidance. Thoroughly enjoyed learning with Him. Highly recommended.
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